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Medieval illumination



Some days bring joy and glee when I manage to successfully complete a face or a complex ripple effect. And then, there are days of anger and frustration when my work does not turn out as planned or when my applications of gold touches seem to accentuate the blemishes rather than the beauty of the piece. Yet I persevere and I take much pride in showing off the few reproductions and creations that you see here. They are my darlings, my first attempts, the projects I did during my workshops…

I would like to repeat my most profound gratitude to Claire Travers for her patience, her good mood and her giggling fits when I see red and sound off because I can’t seem to achieve what is needed … Even more so, I wish to thank her for her encouragements and for her praise when a piece is finally correct; for having allowed me to discover a world of marvellous beauty and finesse; and finally for getting me re-acquainted with history (well, at least a little) of the Middle Ages, a period that I am still discovering and loving more and more.

After all that, of course, I had to learn the framing techniques. So for a few months (quite a few in fact…) I learned how to frame and now, I am able to frame my own illuminations.

I wanted to share with you my first steps in this adventure. I hope that you will enjoy it.



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